Benefits of Kettlebell Training You Never Thought Of

5 Benefits of Kettlebell Training That No One Talks About

Kettlebell conversations typically provide for quality quotes including but not limited to “cannon-bells”, the “weird handle thing”, the “cute colored thing”, and more. There are countless articles that provide excellent content as to the many facets of exercise-science “nerd speak”when it comes to kettlebells. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite thoughts in regards to benefits of kettlebell training that no one talks about.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training You Never Thought Of#1: The Solid Handshake

My grandfather taught me that you can learn a lot about a handshake. Confidence, professionalism, honor, and strength. The kettlebell is an incredible tool for forging grip strength, forearm strength, and developing character in first impressions!

#2: The Space Saver

Let’s face it, equipment becomes less important when family comes into the picture. Too often at-home gym equipment doubles as the new laundry drying rack! Not so with the kettlebell. It saves space and doubles as a door-stop when needed.

#3: Mr. or Mrs. Relentless

I guess the “nerd-term” would be “time under tension.” The kettlebell has a unique way of humbling any would be challenger. It’s constant muscle recruitment while taxing muscle conditioning and cardiovascular systems – all under constant tension – will “whip you into shape” quite quickly!

#4: The Time Saver

In life the battle for #1 and #2 TOP obstacles are money and time. The kettlebell provides a solution for both. Simple circuits of active work and rest over six, ten, or twenty minute segments of time varied over a few days each week will improve physique, function, and wellness.

#5: Budget Friendly

“You get what you pay for” is a statement commonplace in life. Kettlebells are manufactured by many but originated by few. A good quality bell will outlive you and never waste your money. KettlebellsUSA offers a a quality solution in both classic and sport bell styles at prices that make them the premier choice.

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