Why Every Fit Dad Needs a Kettlebell

5 Reasons Every Fit Dad Needs a Kettlebell

Staying fit while raising five kids can be tough, especially on your workout regimen. That’s why Fit Dad TJ Houske relies on his kettlebell! Learn his top 5 reasons why he thinks every Fit Dad needs a kettlebell.

Fit Dad TJ Houske uses kettlebellsPerspective is everything. I am a son, husband, and fit-dad of five young champions. Add to this, my wife and I own and lead two very successful businesses. We live a full-plate of life and love every second of it.

In all, the first step in the role of provider is proximity; being present. We first do this by caring for our physical bodies so that we can endure the trials of life. Lastly, the opportunity to serve others in the training industry is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. We all need encouragement and accountability; relationships make the difference in life and there is none more special than “coach” when you understand our ultimate role: strengthening the mindset.

It is in this perspective that I write, 5 reasons why everyone needs a kettlebell

1. Kettlebells Are Versatile

Kettlebells offer a strength, conditioning, and power, all while providing quality functional movement. Simply put:

Kettlebells can wreck you without WRECKING you.

2. Kettlebells Are Portable

Kettlebells are an on-the-go tool for your fitness arsenal. If you are like me, a decade in the gym for sport-specific training and now a midwest lifestyle (which means SNOW!) demands outdoor workouts when the weather breaks – kettlebells at the park makes for a great day!

3. Kettlebells Are Affordable

Cost is always a factor. Kettlebells cost less than barbells, memberships, and at home gym systems. They work forever and last forever… if you use them!

4. Kettlebells Are Inviting

Kettlebells are a great conversation starter, particularly for the socially awkward. “Hey, what’s that pink and blue think with the handle on it?”. Kettlebells are not intimidating and

5. They Are Effective

Kettlebells improve the go-muscles and show-muscles. Be it upper, lower, total, and core body programs, kettlebells make lasting change.

Bonus Reason!

Kettlebells just look cool and when you are fit Dad of five, let’s face it… your cool factor is diminished by the mini-van and baby puke, so we need all the extra “cool factor” we can get.

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TJ Houske

TJ Houske is the founder and lead coach of Functional Physique. We equip, encourage, and empower champions to their better health daily. TJ is also a Diamond Leader in Advocare Nutrition and helps thousands of champions in their journey to their best physical and financial health. WEBSITES: FunctionalPhysique.com | FitUPMovement.com

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