Deadstop Kettlebell Workout

Deadstop Snatch Kettlebell Workout

Try out this Dead-stop Snatch kettlebell workout. It’s only 30 minutes long and it will give you one hell of a burn.

Workout Instructions:

One you complete five of one exercise, rest until the half minute mark. Keep repeating until you hit the 30 minute mark– it should be 15 rounds. Dead-stop snatches can be switched out for swings. Burpee pull ups can be switched out for burpee slams.

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Levi Markwardt

Levi Markwardt is the owner and head trainer of Harder to Kill Training. He is also a blessed husband and father of one beautiful daughter. He is a lover of fitness and hardstyle kettlebll instruction. He is an SMK at Strength Matters and RKC at Dragon Door. WEBSITE:

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