Double Kettlebell Workout Ladder by Saiko Shima-Kolesar

Double Kettlebell Ladder Workout

Need a challenging workout? Check out this double kettlebell ladder set by kettlebell expert Saiko Shima-Kolesar.

Workout Instructions:

Double kettlebells Swing-Clean-Bump ladder (2kg implement for 5 sets of kettlebells ). 1 min on 1 min off. Here’s an example:

1. 16kgs
2. 18kgs
4. 22kgs
6. 24kgs
8. 20kgs
9. 18kgs
10. 16kgs

Good luck!

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Saiko Shima

Owner and Coach at Crazy Monkey USA HQ, IKFF CKT Level 1&2, R.Y.T. Saiko has been practicing meditation since age 5 and hatha yoga for over 20 years. In the last 15 years, she has taught yoga all over the United States, Japan, and India. Before her yoga career began, she was a corporate sales manager for the largest Japanese travel company in Manhattan NYC for 9 years. After witnessing 9/11, she moved to Seattle and started her second career as a yoga teacher, and encountered kettlebell workouts and its sport. She has been trained and certified as a Certified Kettlebell Teacher by IKFF Level 1 &2, and coaches at Crazy Monkey USA located in Everett, Washington. She enjoys competing in the kettlebell competitions and trains hard throughout the year. Her other interest is Brazilian Jiu Jits training in the last few years as self-defense. When she is not at the gym her focus/joy is her three children and loving husband. WEBSITE:

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