Odd/Even Kettlebell Set by Levi Markwardt

Odd/Even Timed Kettlebell Workout

Need a new idea for your next kettlebell workout? Look no further than kettlebell expert Levi Markwardt! Give this insane workout set a shot to start your next session.

Workout Instructions:

Set a clock for 10 minutes. On each even minute, perform 10 Snatch then Parks on each arm (30 seconds each side). On each odd minute, perform 10 Swing then Parks on each arm (30 seconds each side). Increase the kettlebell weight by 12kg for the even minutes.

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Levi Markwardt

Levi Markwardt is the owner and head trainer of Harder to Kill Training. He is also a blessed husband and father of one beautiful daughter. He is a lover of fitness and hardstyle kettlebll instruction. He is an SMK at Strength Matters and RKC at Dragon Door. WEBSITE: HardertoKillTraining.com

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