Simple Kettlebell Complex

Simple Kettlebell Complex

A simple kettlebell complex that’s sure to get your muscles burning! Don’t set that kettlebell down!

Workout Instructions:

Repeat on both arms back to back without setting the Kettlebell back down. Perform five rounds.

Other Workouts:

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Louka Kurcer

Louka Kurcer lives by the StrongFirst code. His training is based on the belief that strength and flexibility fixes almost everything. He trains and teaches with a minimalist, yet highly effective, approach. He is considered an expert in the practice of “hardstyle” kettlebell, flexibility, and bodyweight strength training within the fitness community. Louka currently teaches StrongFirst Kettlebell user courses, as well as Flexible Steel certifications across Canada. He is also the proud owner of Hardstyle Kettlebell Mtl, his own “school of strength” in the Montreal area, where he teaches. When he is not swinging a kettlebell or putting heavy weights overhead, he pursues his other passion of art in the form of painting and drawing. For more information on courses, certifications, or training questions, please contact: . WEBSITE:

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