Double Kettlebell Set by Justin Tafoya

Superhuman Double Kettlebell Circuit Workout

This quick double kettlebell circuit will turn you into a superhuman (with lots of practice of course).

Workout Instructions:

Perform each exercise in the circuit with no rest in between exercises and 30 seconds in between the three rounds. For an extra challenge, try not to put down the weight during the sets!

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Superhuman Double Kettlebell Circuit Workout
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Justin Tafoya

SFG, SMK, NASM-CPT, ZHealth As a Strength Coach and Z Health movement specialist, I help people achieve their goals with dedication, motivation, and education. My passion is to help others reach their fitness goals, maintain activity levels, and enjoy an overall healthy lifestyle.I specialize in performance driven functional training, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and kettlebell and barbell training. WEBSITE:

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